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Dr. Stephen Rader

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Creative Office Fitness Solutions, Inc.
Re: Office Chair Exerciser
Dear Mr. Alexander,

Thank you for the opportunity to test out the prototype of your office chair leg
exerciser. I have long sought such a device to counteract the effects of prolonged work
at my desk, so I was very pleased when I found out that you had built one. I describe
below my experience with it.

Installation was simple: it took you less than five minutes to attach it to my office
chair. I was immediately able to figure out the natural, leg-swinging motion required to
make it work. Since the installation, about three weeks ago, I have used it for
approximately three hours per day, while typing, reading at my desk, on the telephone,
and even talking with students and colleagues.

One of the benefits I have noticed is that I am much more able to read for extended
periods when I am using the exerciser. Normally, I start to zone out and lose
concentration if I try to read for more than half an hour at my desk, but while I am
moving my legs I have found that I can easily read for two hours.

Another benefit is that my legs do not get stiff. Sometimes when I work at my desk, I
do not notice that I have locked my legs into a particular position, and when I try to get
up they are hard to move. This is never an issue when using the leg exerciser.
Furthermore, it helps me to maintain good posture, which is necessary to be able to
move the pedals effectively.

I have also been impressed at how easily it fits into my work space. It slides easily
under my desk while I am typing, and it also swing readily out of the way when I am not
using it.

In conclusion, I have been delighted with this product, and I would not hesitate to
purchase one when you are producing them. I should mention that several colleagues
and students have tried it out and expressed an interest in buying one, and I hope that
UNBC would consider institutional support for this product.

Stephen Rader
Associate Professor of Chemistry

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