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Prince George Citizen - Systems Manager

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My first impression of the leg exerciser was "what a great idea!" I was asked to test it out
during a 4 week trial period and can give the following assessment of the particular model I
was using.

First of all, the installation was a little cumbersome due to the lack of versatility and limitation
of the design. Once installed, though, it worked like expected despite a few irritating wobbles
in it's joints. After using it periodically through-out the day I noticed how warm I felt, especially
my hands as they would normally get cold from sitting at a computer all day. Consequently I
adjusted the thermostat in my office down a few degrees. The amount of time I actually spent
using the leg exerciser varied due to the intensity of the task requiring my attention. Of course,
I still have to get my work done.

After the days passed I noticed the need to make some ergonomic adjustments to my chair
and found the leg exerciser impeded any adjustments I wanted to make. In addition, the
moving parts of the leg exerciser became more wobbly as time wore on. In conclusion, based
on the model I was testing, I feel the product could use some improvements in design to make
it more solid and stable and at the same time make it quicker and easier to adjust. Regarding
its primary purpose as an exercise machine I found it very effective and beneficial for
improving my physical well-being considering my sedentary type of work at the office.
I enjoyed using the leg exerciser and feel it helped me stay more alert and energetic. I would
recommend this product to anyone that sits in an office chair for most of their day.


Matthew Altizer
Systems Manager
Prince George Citizen

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