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EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.

Hi Jim,

Thanks very much for asking us to assist you with evaluating the prototype of the leg exerciser. A number of our staff used the leg exerciser with good results for the most part. We found that the exerciser was easy to use while typing at our workstations if us-ing alternating leg strides. The leg exerciser provided good exercise and I will consider providing it to my staff providing you have made the changes to it and the price is in line.


I trust that the points listed below provide you with the constructive feedback you have requested and I hope our feedback assists you on your quest to adjust and improve the prototype.

Feedback and recommendations for consideration:

• Someone with very short legs could not us the leg exerciser effectively. Recommend that you consider adding additional adjustment ability.

• The heel of someone’s shoes dragged slightly on the ground on every stride; likely due to the placement location of their feet on the foot pegs. It is likely that different people will place the foot pegs at different spots on their feet (forward, mid or back of feet) in order to be comfortable when using the leg exerciser. Recommend that you examine ways to set up foot pegs or some other form of foot attachment in a manner that have adjustability, so that the feet can be placed in a comfortable position for a diversity of users.

• Some discussion was had regarding the pre-set resistance level of the leg exerciser.

Recommend that you consider finding a way that allows the user to adjust the resistance level of the leg exerciser to meet their own preference.

The leg exerciser is a great concept. I wish you good luck with the future development of this product.


Bob Redden | EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.

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