It Pays

Winton Homes Ltd

Hello Jim,

I was pleased to have had the opportunity to try out the prototype of your leg exerciser. In the time we had it here at Winton Homes Ltd a couple of my coworkers also gave it a try.


I think the idea is fantastic for those of us that sit at our desks all day. I know myself my legs get restless and cramp up and I tend to have to get up and walk around. With our busy lifestyles it is nice to have the opportunity to, as you say “type n’ tone” while at work.

While I was using the exerciser I did find it cumbersome, when not using it I felt as though it was in the way even when swung off to the side. Another thing that would be nice would be to have the tension adjustable. However I did find it to be a great stress reliever.

I look forward to seeing the completed product and wish you great success.

Best Regards,

Randi Clarke

Financial Services Clerk

Winton Homes Ltd

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