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March 25, 2013

Jim Alexander

Re: Office Chair Exerciser

Dear Mr. Alexander,


Thank you for the opportunity to test the initial model of your leg exerciser. I do hope

that the feedback we provided will help you to enhance the features of your product so

that you may bring this creative idea to market.



The fitness industry can surely use more innovative ideas such as your leg exerciser as

many people find themselves sitting at their desk for 8 hours or more a day without any

physical activity during that time. This product would allow those who want to increase

their daily physical activity to do so without attending a fitness center or group exercise

class. In addition, the leg exerciser looks as though it can be used with minimal

disruption to productivity during the workday.


We look forward to seeing the final product and wish you much luck in this endeavor as

your goal and ours are one in the same, the creation of a healthier workforce.


Scott DiNardo

Operations Manager

Wellness Coaches USA

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