January, 2007

•Filed Provisional Patent in U.S. Patent Office, then began idea submissions to various manufacturers hoping to find a licensee. 

March, 2007

•Physiotherapist’s reports - two qualified physiotherapists tested it out and, overall, were in favour of it’s use in the work place.  Here are their conclusions:

• Dustin Robin:

“In conclusion there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages observed when examining and using Mr. Alexander’s office adaptable exercise machine.  It is my personal opinion that the proposed machine is more beneficial to the working population than detrimental.  With the current epidemic with obesity and increasing work schedules this machine will enable an office population to perform exercise regularly throughout the day.  I am of the opinion that this piece of equipment is neither a solution nor a substitute to an individualized workout program but when used in conjunction with can benefit the working population.”  - Dustin Robin  B. Sc., Physiotherapy, Owner of Victoria sports Physiotherapy Clinic, Prince George

• Lynda Foreman:

“In conclusion, I believe this device would provide more advantages than disadvantages with some minor changes to the structure of the unit.  It would be important to include instructions on safe amount of use as well as information on other exercise components to compliment this type of exercise such as flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. This should not be a substitute to an active, healthy lifestyle but rather an addition.

- Lynda Foreman, Registered Kinesiologist with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education from the University of Manitoba, Certified Work Capacity Evaluator, Certified Exercise Physiologist with over 7 years experience in Occupational Rehabilitation